Royzy Rothschild - Eminem Effect ft Kay Frances
0.99 GBP

Royzy Rothschild, Eminem Effect feat Kay Frances produced by Vex Blazer.

Royzy Rothschild - No Kanye West
0.99 GBP

Royzy Rothschild No Kanye West produced by VexBlazer.

Royzy Rothschild - An Only Child LP
4.99 GBP

Royzy Rothschild, An Only Child LP featuring Kay Frances, FMK, Tony Broke, Emocean, Karma Cavelli, Sian Elizabeth, With Production from Rosh, Ferrer Jones, L Pacino, FMK, Hazard, Chris H, With songs like Pain In My Soul, Tomford Cologne, Pedal To The Metal, Love Ye Like That & More.

Royzy Rothschild - Pain In My Soul ft Sian Red
0.99 GBP

Royzy Rothschild Links up with Core Records artist Sian Red to create Pain in My Soul produced by Rosh.

Royzy Rothschild - Tomford Cologne ft Tony Broke & FMK
0.99 GBP

(Digital Copy)
Royzy Rothschild links up with Blah Records Tony Broke and All Work No Play Entertainment's FMK to create Tom Ford Cologne.

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