Vex Blazer the Big Condo producer is one of the most recognised producers in uk hiphop.

Working with the label from early doors Vex comes from Liverpool city and has worked with

all the big condo artists and artists such as Geko, 67, Loski, K-Trap and Young Teflon.

Vex Blazer worked alongside the Mobo's in 2017 producing the music for the Cypher on the night of the awards.

Musically Vex's production skills have massed Millions of listens world wide from music videos to spotidy, itunes, Tidal and radio worldwide and he is still young at the beginning of his career so theres plenty more to come.

Vex recently set up his own company Blazer Entertainment putting on Urban events which have been hailed a success, So make sure you get to know this producer.



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