Eyejay is a R & B / Rap artist cming out of Lancaster he started started singing around 6 years old and forever has had a passion for it but started to take it serious a few years back.

Over the past 3 year's Eyejay has released 3 singles, Dreams, Im by your side and next to me which have all been succesful locally and bationally on bbc radio and other platforms.


Eyejay has performed all over the uk from liverpool to manchester, Lancaster and London even touring with dappy from N Dubz and a list of festivals hes showcased to sold out crowds.

Recently Eyejay signed to liverpool based record label big condo records where they are putting in place a Eyejay ep for release so look out for that coming soon.


Eyejay raised his game in 2018 with all his exposure on bbc radio and touring with dappy aswell as building his fanbase socially online with alot of live facebnook videos.

He is also a crowd favourite the way he switches up from cover songs to his original rap music and signed a live recording contract at the big condo xmas party.

Eyejay is a great performer and entertainer as well as a great rap artist and singer, He has loads in pipeline including his first single on the label and new mixtape on big condo records so keep a look out for Eyejay.



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EYEJAY is available for bookings to book EYEJAY. 

contact: management@bigcondo.co.uk

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