Big Condo Records was founded by liverpool rap artist Royzy Rothschild in 2015 and is quickly becoming a dominant force globally in music. Big Condo works in every aspect of entertainment with Musicians, Artists, Producers, DJ's , Brands, Fashion and Models. We specialise in Distribution, Production, Management, Event Planning and anything to do with music or fashion.

Music is forever changing and Big Condo is looking to invent new methods to help with its forever development.

Big Condo is an honest company that prides itself on customer service and support for fans.



Big Condo Fashion is another department of Big Condo, Put together in 2017 the fashion division is set to have the music and fashion work in sync.

Big Condo fashion is a brand promoter, Event company and model management agency. Big Condo fashion is here to revolutionize the fashion industry.

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